5.9 Million COVID 19 Victims in the World

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says that
"the precautionary measures taken against the Corona virus will be given further relaxation, allowing for a gathering of up to 6 people outside the home from next week"
 On the other hand, the government's scientific affairs advisor has warned that Britain is on a "critical" turn to the new Corona virus, where about 2,000 new cases are being confirmed every day.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that 'family or friends will be able to meet in public places, parks or private entertainment venues from next Monday'.
"It will certainly be a very happy moment for parents and grandparents after a long wait," Johnson said at the press conference.
However, he stressed in the meeting that precautions should be taken into consideration at the time of interaction, keeping a distance of at least 2 meters.

The British Prime Minister has also assured that the teaching process will be restarted from Monday for students of small grades, as well as foreign shops, including car showrooms.
"It's not the time to say that all things are right, everything is fine and satisfying," said Patrick Wallens, the government's scientific advisor.

The number of COVID-19 victims in the world?

According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of confirmed COVID 19 victims in the world is 5,93,112, while the number of people who have died since COVID 19 has been 3,57,929.
The virus has killed 1,129 deaths in the United States alone, while the number of deaths in Britain has reached 37,919.
Being Third, France has reported 28,599 deaths due to the virus, the death toll in Brazil has reached 25,598.
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Here I have shared the live stats of the countries effected from COVID 19.


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