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Creating a website is not a big deal these days, which can be done without coding, No we can easily create a website and earn a lot of money. But the advantage of creating a website will only be if we have an approved Google Ad Sense account, but the first thing you need to know is how to create a Google AdSense account.

What is Google AdSense?

Whenever you search how to make money from Google, I would like to tell you all that anyone who earns money from Google earns it using Google Ad Sense. Google Ad Sense is an ad agency that puts its ads on your website and google pays you whenever someone watches the ad or when they click at it. And if you are wondering how much Google Ad Sense pays, I want you all to know how much google ad sense can pay for a single visitor if he or she comes from UK or US, and you can get more than $1 from a single click from the user.
The rates per click vary from countries to countries and keywords too.

What do you need to create an AdSense account?

The things we need to create Google Ad Sense are as follows:

How to create a Google Ad Sense account?

To create a Google Ad Sense account, you need to follow all the steps given below and understand what to do while registering for adsense.

  • First you need to open the Ad sense sign-up page by clicking here and then you have to enter your Gmail ID where needed.   SIGN UP
  • After this, link your website to it and select your language.
  • You can sign up by verifying your number and by accepting their terms & conditions.
  • Then, Ad sense will give you a code to link your site to Google AdSense, which you need to apply to your website,then google will analyze your site,whether it should be given approval or not.
  • You can copy the code and go to your website then paste the HTML code, wait a few days to get a mail from Google that you've got the approval after this you can run ads on your website.

In case you do not get an approval, you can send your site again for approval after few days by doing some modification according to their conditions and you will get the approval very soon. If you have done this step by step, you can easily get your site approved.

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