How To Become a Millionaire


How do you know which business will succeed and which will fail? This question may be very important to someone, but for Ryan Holmes of Canada, this question is not a rocket science that is difficult to detect.

Ryan Holmes is an investor and founder of HootSuite, a social networking account website.

He says that to become a successful entrepreneur you don't need a special degree but all you need is only a prescription which will help you to find out if it is worthwhile to invest in a project or business. That's pretty easy to figure out by Holmes.

 He gives a Triple T Formula For This!

                                             Number One is Talent

You will find good business ideas everywhere but the talented people who follow these ideas are one in a million.

"Before evaluating any business, I look at its boss and team. It's important for me to know if they're serious about the business," Holmes writes in his blog.

Because the biggest challenge in business is to take the money from zero to billions and in order to be successful it is necessary to give full time to the business and also have a different way of working.

He says big business seeks solutions to all problems, not pays others. A good businessman does not rest until he has solved the problem.
Any company owner needs enthusiastic and tough people.

                                            Number Two Technology

"Think about technology first," says Holmes, "and it's most important when your business idea is connected to technology."
He says the best way is to put a person to work on technology so that problems can be solved quickly. Second, look at other things in the business.

                                           Number Three is Publicity

Do you have investors or customers? How Much Money Have You Made? Homes says it's great if Gap has clients or investors.
He says there should be a better plan to get investors' attention so that ideas can reach them. To be successful in business, you need to create software that will make your product go viral or focus on advertising.
Holmes says the Triple T formula is not a guarantee of success. Many times businesses fail despite the right technique and a good team.
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