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How to start a Blog for free | Complete Blogger Course

What is a Blog?

The blog is a website and web page on which someone shares their thoughts and helps readers to share their thoughts by giving them information on a sub-project.
In simple words, blogs are like writing a book, just the difference is so much that the box is written on offline pages and blog online pages like wordpress, blogspot and other platforms.


What is Blogger?

The person who writes posts on the blog, who manages the blog and who starts the blog is called a blogger. For example, when you create any of your own blogs on a blogging platform, you will be called a blogger or a blogger who writes a blog on a blog.

A Blogger writes articles and posts them on his blog, manages his blog, writes a book on blog posts. That is, what he does on a blog is called blogging.

What is Blogging?

The work done on the blog of the blogger is called Blogging. Just as driving a vehicle is called driving, so is Blogging.

How To Start Blogging?

Whenever we wish to make money online we search the web for the ways to earn,We get to know about blogging. And after checking the blogs, we come to know that it can make money. But what is most important is how to do Blogging that will generate a lot of money for us.
So let's start people & learn how to start with this

Before you get started these three things are important to be learnt so let's learn.

What Should be done to start Blogging?

If you want to learn how to blog, you need to do a few things, and the list below shows you the same things.

▪Own Blog/Website
▪ Approved Ad sense Account

As you know, creating your own website and adding a counter to it is called blogging. So to start blogging, you must first have a blog.

So here we will learn how to make a blog on Blogger .
Follow the Steps Below!
  •  First you open a browser.
  • Type Blogger in the Google Search bar and search.
  • When you open Blogger it will need your gmail account, login with your mail then'
  • Click on (Create Your Blog).
  • If you are a fresher, you will have a window open. There you can also write your name, whatever you want to write.
  • The title like i have given : The News Factory.
  • The Address is, you what you create your blog including URL.
  • You have to type in the address and enter your desired name as I have given mine ( .
  • There are a bunch of classic and professional themes available for your blog Choose the one you Like and then !
  • Click the Create Blog.
Here's the step by step tutorial by some good teachers!

For Urdu/Hindi

For English

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