LHC orders PTA to Ban PUBG in Pakistan

Users have reacted to the Idea of banning PUBG.

Social media users reacted to the possible ban after the Lahore High Court ordered the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to act in accordance with the law on a request for banning the most popular video game PUBG.

The court's two-member bench has yet to respond to the ruling, but it is not only those who are in support of the PUBG(Player Unknowns BattleGrounds) on social media timelines, but also those who predict possible results.
The online game PUBG, released in March 2017 , is known as a violent game that online gamers take to the next level by killing their opponents. The application, created by the South Korean gaming company, has been banned in China, Nepal, India, and Iraq in the past.

After the court orders, the future of PUBG in Pakistan came to light, users supported the ban.Some of them took the order and tweeted forming a meme but most of them were in favour of banning the most addictive and non productive game.

Muhammad Saad shared a photo of former Army Chief and President Of The Nation General (R) Pervez Musharraf, and presented it as a reaction from the Tiktok.

How effective can a possible ban be? The topic also managed to get the attention of the participants of the conversation. "It is not useful to ban PUBG in the presence of VPN(Virtual Private Network)," wrote Usama Chaudhry. '

When mentioned about the game's utility and its impact, many users supported the ban, calling it a waste of time.

The user named Bhatti also appeared to be promoting the ban. In his tweet, he suggested a ban on PUBG as well as the Tiktok , saying both are time-consuming and unprofitable.

Another user tweeted in favour of banning PUBG & Tiktok.

The two-member bench, headed by Lahore High Court Justice Attar Mahmood, last day ordered the PTA to decide within six weeks after hearing arguments on the PUBG ban.
In a court petition, the citizen held that video games were negatively affecting the personality of the users and that the children are being abused and violent.


After this I would conclude that PUBG should be banned in Pakistan as it is a total wastage of time along with developing adverse effects on the users.
It is totally nonproductive so Pakistan Telecommunication Authority must take it on a serious note and ban the game.


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