Make Money on Dailymotion | Complete Step by Step Guide

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What is Daily Motion?

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The name Daily Motion you never heard of, it's just like YouTube, and videos are uploaded and money is earned. If you don't know what the daily motion is and how to make money online then read this post till the end. Daily Motion is a video-hosting service that is used to make technology, song, videos, etc. Daily Motion's Owner Vivendi, the company's head office in Paris, which provides video hosting as well as programs like television films, and launches video games & telecommunication services etc. The company is a YouTube alternative, it can also watch videos and you can earn money for videos by adding a Daily Motion Partner program.

How to Make Money from Dailymotion?

As I told before, it's just like YouTube, as you’re making money by uploading videos to YouTube, the same is in Daily Motion, you can make money by uploading videos.

How to register yourself in Dailymotion?

To know'  How to create an account and join the Dailymotion Partner program, please follow the instructions given step by step.

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How to join Daily Motion Partner Program?

There is no special requirement to join the Dailymotion Partner Program, it is as same as we join in the Youtube's partner program

Why do you join the Daily Motion Partner program?

The biggest reason for joining the Dailymotion Partner program is Youtube. Because you're all aware that YouTube is the most visited platform after Google.As You know that you must have 1000 subscriptions and 4000 hours of watch time to be eligible for monetization.But the Dailymotion doesn't have any type of restrictions, you can easily connect and turn on the monetization. As soon as you upload the video, your monetization turns on and you start the scoring. This is the biggest plus point.
So let's talk about the steps of being a Daily Motion Program's Partner.

How to add a Daily Motion Partner program? Step by Step

Firstly, click on the Dailymotion Partnership Program.
You will be asked for an e-mail address here. You can sign up and enter your desired e-mail ID and password and create a new account, and then you'll receive a verification mail, after clicking on verify you'll be redirected to the web page showing your account has been verified. Or sign in to Direct 
Now there will be two options, Upgrade to Partner and Watch Video, You have to click on upgrade to partner. The next pop-up page will open, which will display the terms and conditions. You have to click on the Accept button. After this, you’ll be redirected to create a channel form which you have to fill.
Banner and Logo: Same as YouTube, you have to put up a banner here whose resolution should be 1920 x 1080 and the channel's logo resolution should be 160 x 160.

Channel Name: 

 The name you want to use for your channel, for example: The News Factory


  Here you can tell about your channel in the short line or write a blog or on what topics your channel is based on, what type of video you are putting here. For example, you can write technical, comedy, news, blog etc.


In the description you have to write about yourself and your channel that what will you be providing and why have you created this channel. Do explain what will the visitor get when he/she visits your channel. It shows the importance of your channel.

Channel’s URL:

 This part is the most important one. Here you can use your channel’s name your which makes it easy to read for the users and the search engines.


You can't re-change it. Once you have put the name and saved it, you can't change again. So try to use your channel’s name without spaces that will make it easy to remember.

Website URL: 

 If you own a website , you can put your website's URL here and it will be much useful for you.You can embed your video to your website and earn more from that.


  Select your language.


 If you live in Pakistan, you should select Pakistan and the same should be followed with yours.

Facebook URL:

 Social site link-up is very important, it's a bonus to your channel, so Facebook's URL must be added.
In addition to Facebook, social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, you can add URL to your social site account.
Now you have to click on the Save Button.
You have now joined the partner program of the Dailymotion. And Monetization has been enabled.

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What type of video can you upload to the Dailymotion?

On Daily Motion you can't upload more than 10 videos in a day.The video limit per day is two hours. Suppose if you have 5 videos each of 30 minutes then you can only upload four of them in a single day.Your video must not be above 60 minutes. Remember if your video is more then 60 minutes then your video will be suspended.
~One advantage in Daily Motion is that if you are a YouTuber, you can also upload your video to Dailymotion, which will not have any copyright issue.

Which Type of Videos Can’t be uploaded to Dailymotion?

Like YouTube, they also have some terms and conditions. They also have a prohibited content policy that is to be followed.
You cannot upload any video having nudity or pornography.

Is there any scope in the Daily Motion?

As you all know, YouTube currently has millions of channels, and competition is huge. In this case, whenever a person creates a new channel on YouTube, it is not successful and is due to the tough competition.
YouTube has 2 or 4 out of 100 people who get their videos ranked by chance. And those who put good content don't even get a single view.
So it's good to use the Youtube’s Alternative. While its also true that visitors visit Dailymotion than YouTube, but here on Daily Motion you can turn on the monetization without any specific requirement.
Well, the Daily Motion is not yet that powerful, but there will be a lot of visitors on it as the time passes as many of the users are switching to Dailymotion and earning a handsome account.

Why are most of the people making their channels in Daily Motion and making money?

This post is meant to make your channel, so you can make money by uploading a video & even by embedding videos on your website.


So if you want to do something in your life for making your future financially secure. Then y'all should go with this option. It will earn you a handsome amount as well as you will get to know more about earning online.
As soon as you have your monetization enabled, you will automatically start generating revenue from the videos you’ve uploaded. On Dailymotion, most of the videos are displayed with advertisements(ads) that appear before, during, or after videos end. Enabling monetization allows you to earn revenue these advertisements make when displayed on your videos. The more the views on your videos, the more are your earnings. You can even earn more by embedding your videos on your own websites blogs and sharing the links on social media platforms. To do this, you'll need to verify your domains. To receive your earning, make sure you’ve add your banking information. Earned Amount will be automatically transferred to your PayPal account or bank account every month when your balance crosses a $100. You can always track your revenue through your analytics and view your payments.

This post explains everything about making money online or the most frequently asked question which is, How to make money online.

If you have any queries please ask us through the comment section. Stay Tuned for more.

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