The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that The COVID 19 may never end.

What does the World Health Organization say?

The United Nations has also warned that the world is facing a mental health crisis, with the birth of the Corona Virus, and we are lacking focus on treating the mental illness in many countries.

Michael Ryan, director of the WHO's emergency department, expressed this concern about COVID-19 while addressing a world-wide press conference held in Geneva.

"The virus may become a pandemic in our community and may never end," he said. '

Around 300,000 people have died of the Corona Virus in the world by mid-May, while the number of victims is over 43 million.

According to WHO:

"HIV is not over, but we have learned to fight the virus," Dr. Raine said. He said he thought no one can predict when the COVID-19 disease would end.
Without the vaccine, it could take many years for people to reach the level of immune system that can fight the virus, he said.

More than 100 attempts to develop the Corona Virus vaccine are on their way to be developed worldwide, but experts claim that it may never be possible. Michael Rhine said that if the vaccine is also made, it would require a massive effort to control the virus as the number of the victims has been increasing vigorously.

He also said that there are still many diseases in the world like measles that have vaccines but could not be eliminated.

The United Nations has also warned that the Front Line of the Corona Virus is a source of mental stress for all, from medical staff to those who lost their jobs because of the lock down situation and to the grief of their loved ones, to children and students in their homes.

In a policy statement issued, the United Nations urged countries around the world to include measures to treat mental health and provide psychological support to the people so they can cope up with this issue and maintain their mental health.

According to the United Nations:

 Good Mental Health is essential for a thriving society, and without these precautionary measures, the world could be in a mental health crisis.

The number of people affected by the Corona Virus worldwide and the number of deaths are increasing vigorously.

The stats will help to find out the number of the Corona victims and which countries are affected the most.

Here is the Corona virus Map for the affected countries.

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