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Signs That You're With The Wrong Friend.

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Letting go of any friend can be heartbreaking.

It's like saying goodbye to a piece of yourself. you think about all the memories you made. you laughed and cried together, you shared experiences that you'll remember for years to come, but that doesn't guarantee your friendship is destined to last a lifetime. So how do you know whether or not a friendship needs to end.

Here are eight signs that you're spending time with the wrong friend:

You Feel Trapped 

Do you feel trapped inside your friendship? Many people never escape unfair or toxic friendships because they feel stuck like a bug caught in a spider's web.

In a 2000 study Fincham and Weber explained that healthy friendships give you the option to stay or go. you should never feel obligated to maintain a friendship. It should always be your decision. if you ever feel like there's no way out you may be friends with the wrong person.

You're at Different Stages in Life.

Are you at different stages of lives and with your friend? Are you working hard while they are just trying to enjoy? Many of your connections are likely to disappear as your goals change. It's been fun in the past to spend time with your carefree friend but now you're looking to meet people who encourage you. If that resonates with your current relationship then this might not be a great fit.

Your Friend Betrays your Trust. 

Trust is the root of all enduring friendships. Is your friend gradually losing your confidence? Is your buddy beginning to spill your secrets behind your back? How does it make you feel every time your friend betrays your trust?  Quite embarrassed, furious, maybe even disappointed. If you meet someone who betrays you constantly they may not be a true friend.

Your Friend is Living in the Past. 

It's hard to abandon an old friend, you two have so much experiences in common. They may have been your best friend years ago but are they a positive influence in your life right now? Old friends always hang on to an outdated picture of you, that's not necessarily a bad thing but good friends can encourage your development and not pull you back to the past.

You're not Happy Around Them. 

In a 1988 study Adams explains that

Friendship and Well-being go hand-in-hand. 

So ask yourself, am I feeling happy and comfortable about my friend? If you do, your friendship is probably solid, safe and satisfying, but what if you feel dissatisfied or self-conscious about your friend? If somebody damages your psychological well-being then you may be friends with the wrong person.


Your Friend Doesn't Make Investments.

In a study in 2003, Alas Walt and Clark discovered that investments reflect the power of every relationship. Investments are small commitments of some sort, like letting your friend borrow your jacket. Time you invest in the future of your relationship demonstrates your trust in others. For example , six months from now you and your friend are buying tickets to a trip. You are making an investment because in six months you expect that you will still be friends. Unhealthy connections usually feel fragile as if they could break at any moment, so be careful how your friends invest in you.

Your Friend Disrespects your Goals. 

Do your friends have no respect for your ambitions? Are they bothering you, talking to you or making fun of your aims? The friends should value each other's interests, and support them. If you think anything is important it should also be important for your mates. You'll be put up by the right friend while the wrong friends will knock you down.

Your Friend Takes Too Much of your Time. 

Is your buddy taking up your time? It requires dedication to all friendships. It is wise to devote some time to keeping those relationships alive and safe. But friendships shouldn't be taking up every second of your day. Balance is the most important part of a healthy lifestyle so if your friend needs too much of your time they may not be the right friend for you.

Does your friend in mind display any of these signs if so what do you plan to do next let us know in the comment section below.


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