Difference between On-Page and Off-Page SEO

In today's post we will explain what is on-page seo and what is off-page seo.
The basic difference between these two for optimizing your website is that
On-Page is related to what’s on your website or everything that goes in your website.
You typically have most of the control when you are doing things that are on page
Off-Page has the things that are not in your website like link building or other elements but they help you get your web page ranked higher or build your brand or build your credibility.


ON Page is what you can actually directly control on your website. If we are looking for ON Page then there are a variety of things on which we have to focus on.


One of the main parts of ON Page SEO is content. There are a variety of factors that go along with the content.
  • Quality of the content
  • Content for search engines
  • High in-depth content


It could also be in things like keywords so if you have good keywords targeted specifically you’ll put a plus point in ranking your site.
Also, it might be things like how fresh your content is whether you are updating your content periodically or not.
Every time that spider or robot comes to your website it searches whether the website has some fresh & new content or is it pretty much the same thing
So these are all good things that will help your on-page factors, this are just based on content alone.
Of course there are other factors as well.


If you look at the titles  the ones which you use for SEO 
The SEO title in the title tag you use. Are the keywords at the start of the title or they are at the end? Title must be catchy.


Then you start getting into things like URLs or the links the way that they are built like with the tags.If you have a keyword there, are they long or short tail?An average URL has 62 characters.

Loading Time

Another factor is load time if your load time is less then your site will be ranked faster.
If you are constantly producing good quality content high quality and you don’t stuff keywords and have catchy titles then this will be much helpful for your site to rank.

You can check your page speed by clicking here PageSpeed Insights .

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When you talk about off-page there are a lot of factors that go into the OFF Page as well.

Link Building

One of the main factors of OFF Page is Link Building , we can take a real-life example,
Just like being in college or school, the more people know you the more popular you are.
The more your website is linked to others the more is your popularity.
It’s not just about links but also about the quality of links.
The higher the domain authority of the websites that link back to you the more will be your ranking chances.
The second is the history of the links that are they edu or gov websites as they are very much helpful in building your links.
This can include forum postings like forums of discussion, comment posting and social bookmarking etc.

Profile Creation

Another main off-page factor is profile creation which means you have to create your profile on high authority websites by signing up on them.
Some of them are 

  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linked in
Profile Creation Increases your Domain score which results in higher chances of ranking.


If you are looking for off-page you have to focus on building backlinks.
Whereas if you are looking for on-page then go for the content.
The more fresh and in-depth is your content, the more will be your chances to rank higher. 
So there are a lot of various methods but the main ones are these two concepts to get your web page ranked higher on search engines.
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