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Top Paying Ad Networks for Publishers 2020

There are many ways to generate revenue  from a blog or website . Most of the Website Owners & Bloggers prefer Affiliate Marketing and Advertising Programs to earn a handsome amount.
If your site has good traffic and you are searching for high paying Ad Networks to monetize your sites then today's post is only for you.
So Today I'm gonna share some of the Best High paying Ad Networks that will help you generate a good revenue.

Most of the bloggers Prefer Ad sense over all other networks to earn revenue from their blog or websites. But in case you don't get your site approved by Adsense then these Ads networks are gonna help you the same way AdSense does. 

To start monetization on your site, all you need to do is to add the Ads to your site that the networks will provide. Here I am telling you about the Top Best and Most Popular Ads Network. You can use the best advertising program for your blog. What is affiliate marketing and how does it generate income?

Top Ad Networks to Generate Revenue from your Site or Blog

Google Ad Sense:

Google AdSense is one of the most famous advertising networks in the world. Being popular, AdSense is the most trusted Ads network, and people have now developed utmost trust on it. 
What more?, AdSense is known for its high CPC and CPM. AdSense pays you more than any other advertising network does.

But in order to monetize your site with Google AdSense, you need to get your site approved by AdSense. The Process is a bit tough because their terms and conditions are much strict. Your AdSense account may be disabled or suspended due to a mistake.

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What do they Require?

To Apply for Ad Sense you must be having minimum 25 posts in your blog and your site must be 3 months old.
This makes it more preferable to get the approval.
Minimum Payout for Adsense is $100.

Media is the second largest Advertising Network after Google Ad Sense.But it's rates are much less  as compared to Ad sense . If Ad sense pays you $0.1 then this will pay you $0.04 or $0.05. You can go for it if Ad sense doesn't approve your site. Media.Net is a contextual ad network invented by Yahoo & Bing. Media Net is the top choice when it comes to high paying Ad Networks after Ad Sense. It's ads are much similar to Google's ads.You might also face a problem while approval for this, but the process is much easier than Ad Sense.

What do they Require?

Well Media.Net doesn't require much things but having more posts will be favorable for you.
Minimum Payout for this is also $100.

Info link

Infolink is one of the best advertising networks in the In-Text link ad network. You can also use it with Google Ad Sense. Infolink offers various types of advertising. You can add ads to your blog on your own but its In-Text links ad system works much better
like Google AdSense, it does not offer contextual ads. What makes it the best is that, you can use it with Google Ad Sense. If you need to make more revenue from an extra ad network with AdSense, I'll suggest you to go for Infolink.

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What do they Require?

They Don't require High Traffic or Posts.You can easily get your site approved with Infolink.

Minimum Payout for Infolink is $10


If you want to get your site approved by ad network in no time and are ready to show ads on your blog then you can go for Bidvertiser. The approval process is much simple. You will get your site approved in time. To earn money from Bidvertiser, you can put text and display ads directly on the blog or you can earn commission by using their referral program.

What do they Require?

They Don't require High Traffic or Posts.You can easily get your site approved with Bidvertiser.

Minimum Payout for Bidvertiser is $10.

Revenue Hits

Revenue Hits is a CPA Ad network that pays for actions taken by visitors whether they click on the ads or they react to them.The best feature is that you get approved just by signing up.
You get paid when a visitor clicks on the ads that show up on your site or if anyone reacts ti those ads. Revenue Hits provides 8 types of Ads.
  • Banner  
  • Pop under
  • Slider 
  • Shadow Box
  • Top Banner
  • Button Ads
  • Interstitial
  • Footer

It provides different ads for mobile phones and desktop devices. Its customer support is too good. 
If you face any problem, the support team will tell solve that in no time. At the same time, its CPM rate is much better than other ad networks.

What do they Require?

They Don't require High Traffic or Posts.You can easily get your site approved with Bidvertiser.

Minimum Payout for Bidvertiser is $10

Other Ad Networks

You can also use
  • Adcash
  • Adnow
  • Clicksor
  • Madadsmedia
  • Adfly 
  • Adversal
  • ProplellerAds
to earn money from your Blog or Website.

At the end I would conclude that you should first try to get you site monetized with Google Adsense and if it doesn't get approved then you can go for other Ad Networks which I have provided.
If you have any queries, feel free to ask us in the comment section.
Stay Tuned for more!

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