What is SEO?

SEO's full form is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is done to enhance the visibility of the website and to rank the website or bring it to the top in search engines.
Read this post carefully in order to get the basic knowledge of SEO. Because if you want to learn how to do SEO, you should have complete information about what SEO is for, so you can move forward.

What is SEO?

In search engines, we optimize our posts to rank our website and achieve maximum traffic from search engines. We can get thousands of results in less than a second, but we only visit websites we find on the first page, which means more our visibility on search engines more will be the organic traffic.
It is not possible to tap your blog without the website or blog post that must be optimized for ranking no.1 in search engines.

SEO is a huge field, with many SEO experts are earning millions of rupees by SEO from their own or client’s websites.

If you have an online business or an offline marketing website, you can earn more money when you have more organic traffic on the website and organic traffic will be from the search engine and we get more sales from our organic visitors.

Because the person who looks for the product on Google actually needs it and has to buy the product, whether it is from our site or from another website, we have to do the best optimization of our website so that we can get them the things they need from our website.

SEO is distinguished into three types:

1 ) White Hat SEO 
2 ) Black Hat SEO 
3 ) Gray Hat SEO 

1. White Hat SEO:

 It's a low-cost and legal way to rank our website, but once your website is ranked, it never goes down. It stays on top permanently.

2. Black Hat SEO: 

It uses techniques that Google or any search engine does not allow, which makes your website rank up quickly, but this technique can immediately show a decline in your ranking, so I'll never suggest you to go with this.

3. Grey Hat SEO:

 Black Hat and White Hat are combined to make Gray Hat SEO, it includes the techniques which are used in White Hat and some in Black Hat SEO. So i would recommend you to go for White Hat SEO.

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Parts of SEO

Well, there are many parts of SEO, the two most important ones are OffPage SEO and OnPageSEO.

▪What is ON Page SEO?

In ON Page SEO is done on our blog posts, which include Keywords, Title, Permalinks, Meta Description, Meta tag, Hacking, Photo etc. When we optimize them according to Google's roles, it's called ON Page SEO. This part is very efficient in SEO and the most interesting one.
If we optimize our blog post well, then we are also able to rank without OFF Page SEO, but if we do Off-Page SEO together, then our blog post gets ranked even faster.

▪What is OFFPage SEO?

After publishing the post along with ON Page SEO then comes the OFF Page SEO, which includes link building, Social Book Marking, sharing, commenting, guest post, etc. 

In this article I have explained the basics of SEO, we have to learn a lot more to work on SEO, its a tough field even if we are SEO experts we have to keep ourselves up to date, because of the changes that come over a period of time and we have to keep an eye on Google’s upcoming amendments.
Please stay connected with our blog. If you have any kind of ambiguity then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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