Remember this When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

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Have you ever felt like you weren't good enough and that no matter what you did you would never be good enough? do you sometimes unwittingly self-sabotage your  self esteem with bad thoughts?

You're not alone, what you're feeling now is something many of us have experienced in our lives. We question ourselves if we're good enough and more often than not we feel we aren't modern-day. Society pressurizes us to succeed in a world where everyone else's success and accomplishments are on full display. it's easy to feel inadequate if you don't have what they have. we're making a certain amount of money by not having as many followers or connections.

We end up automatically setting unrealistic goals and expectations for ourselves.

These are seven things you must keep in mind.

The Grass isn't always Greener on the other side. 

Comparing yourself with others results in being unhappy and it is hard to argue with this kind of thoughts. After all, there's always gonna be someone out there who has more, more happiness, more money, even a nicer complexion. These constant comparisons make us lose sight of and even ignore all of the good and wonderful things we have in our own lives and in ourselves. We have convinced ourselves or nothing and in doing so we become progressively unhappy. A little hint, those others you have more there are people too and they're comparing just like you. They might even be envious of something you have and they don't.

Your Thoughts aren't your Reality. 

In many ways we can be our own worst enemy, especially when we talk down to ourselves letting our doubts and insecurities get the better of us. We all have cruel and discouraging thoughts from time to time so hold on to the fact that bottom line they're just thoughts. You have the power to choose how to deal with your own thoughts. Nobody has the right to define you and change the way you think about yourself. Don't rush to believe everything about you when your're feeling down.

Your Worst Traits and Mistakes don't Define you.

Self-acceptance, self love and compassion towards ourselves are all things most of us struggle to accomplish throughout our lives, especially when we're perfectionistic. It can be difficult to feel like being good enough when you know about your flaws, when you know about your imperfections. You need to keep in mind that your mistakes and worst traits can't define you. Be kind to yourself and celebrate all of your best qualities because even on your worst days there's always more right than wrong with you and that should be enough for you. 

You are enough.

Being a work in progress is great, it means you're progressing. The best of us are works in progress, it means constant improvement there's no rule stating you need to have it all figured out. So keep learning and appreciate that progress means you're constantly getting better. 

Perfection is a Myth.

You may still have a long way to go but look at how far you've come, take pride in yourself for making it this far and make the most of where you are right now. All the best things in life take time.

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You Deserve to be Loved and Cared for

Famous author Stephen Chbosky said it beautifully when he wrote

 “We accept  the love we think we deserve.”

Remember those words for perspective the next time you're wallowing in self doubt and self-pity. We all get upset with ourselves at times no matter how angry or ashamed. you may feel, never let it stop you from accepting the kindness and compassion of others. often times it's when we feel like we deserve it the least that we need love the most.

All that Matters Sometimes is the Here and Now 

It's far too common to encounter those who get so hung up on their past that they become stuck, unable to move forward in life. Also, there are those who let their anxiety and anticipation of the future keep them from enjoying the present truthfully sometimes all that matters is the here and now. being more mindful of the present moment brings a certain peace of mind that you just don't get from wasting your time fretting over the past or the future.

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You are Worthy and You Matter

Finally but perhaps most importantly remember that you're worthy. you are someone you're the only you to ever exist in the universe. Have you ever wished that you were someone else who seemed to have it all in life? The truth is what you see on the surface might not be true because you're comparing your behind-the-scenes to someone else's highlight-reel.Trying to compare with someone or become like them is a wastage of the person you are, you do you there's no one else can. Allow yourself the freedom to feel scared, unsure and uncomfortable sometimes knowing that you'll succeed in spite of all these things. When you love and believe in yourself you would be surprised at how much further you can go.

Be a Rock star. What did you think of this post? Did you find it motivational or reassuring let us know in the comments below.


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