Side Effects of a Toxic Relationship

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If you're currently in a toxic relationship or know someone whom, you consider sharing this post to help raise awareness.

Here are some signs or side effects of a Toxic Relationship.

Toxic Relationships Make You a Warrior

Life lessons whether the good ones or the bad ones  help us learn something. Your experiences with toxic relationships make you a warrior and more suspicious of others whether they are in your best interest or not.

You are afraid of the thing that is so fixed in your mind that getting attached to someone will hurt your feelings. So you protect your feelings because you are of the thoughts that if you get attached to someone you’ll get hurt.

Signs You are Still Living In The Past

Toxic Relationships Breed Negativity 

How happy do you feel in your relationship? It is really hard to stay happy when you're in a toxic relationship feeling like there's a dark shadow following you wherever you are. You always feel down or face a bad mood because of the negative emotions that build up in your mind because of your partner.

You Feel Emotionally Exhausted

Do you feel like you've done so much but all you did was spend time with someone. Drainage of emotions happens in toxic relationships because so much time and energy is consumed. You feel anxious and stressed out whenever you spend time with the person you wished to spend your life with.They might be critical of you or they make everything all about them and don't think about you.Just being in the same room with them is exhausting and feels being stranded on somewhere forever. 

Remember this When You Think You’re Not Good Enough

Toxic Relationships Destroy your Self-Esteem 

Our relationships with others and the way they treat us provides an important foundation for our self-image. So when you are in a toxic relationship with someone who doesn't care about you and always prefers himself or herself over everything.  We all know that it is hard but not to feel bad about yourself. The love, support and reassurance you deserve, confidence, believing in yourself and to feel a sense of self-worth is all denied when you are in a toxic relationship.

Your Personal Growth Gets Hindered 

You have a hard time answering questions like who are you as a person? This is because you may not have a strong sense of yourself and when someone constantly tries to control and dominate you, they push you down until you figure out that you are not worthy of getting what you deserve. This makes you believe that you need them and are nothing without them so you never think or do anything for yourself.

Negative Ideas of a Healthy Relationship

One of the most damaging effects of a toxic relationship is convincing you that you deserve it. Taken advantage of and being mistreated by someone you thought to spend your life with distorts your idea of what an ideal relationship should be like. This results in you seeking similarly harmful and toxic relationships over time.This is so harmful that it sets up a negative image on your mind and results in difficulty recognizing the best ones for you guys.

Why Making Friends Is Hard These Days?

Affects your Health Negatively    

Are you getting sick more often? Do headaches occur more often?, then these are the physical signs of toxic relationships. Studies imply that the stress and anxiety experienced through toxic relationships often result in a greater risk of serious health factors such as weakened immune system,higher blood pressure and even heart problems.

If you find these signs in yourself then you must end up with the toxic person. As it may cause long lasting scars. 

If you want to take a toxic relationship quiz then Click Here!

Do you see any of these effects on yourself or others? Are you working on undoing the damage of any of these let us know in the comments below.

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