Spiritual Entrepreneurship

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What Is It?

The philosophy of Pakistanis has always been associated with management and spirituality. According to Pakistani culture there is also a deep connection between entrepreneurship and spirituality. 

Entrepreneurship is driven by our intrinsic values such as spirituality and culture. Entrepreneurship consists of social problems and their solutions. A good entrepreneur finds a business solution to the problem. Then he starts a new enterprise and generates revenue from it. Wealth accumulation and profit making. It is also rightly forbidden in spiritual thought.

At the same time spirituality talks about inner balance, social uplifting and personal development. When we mix spirituality and entrepreneurship, we find that a spiritual entrepreneur brings positive improvement in his ecosystem. He himself balances the important elements of his ecosystem by remaining balanced. He provides the right opportunities for social welfare and living for every section of the society. Spirituality talks about public welfare and when the two parties meet to earn entrepreneurship, then a large part of the profit goes to public welfare.

Spiritual entrepreneurship is the need of the hour where every entrepreneur is using resources for self-profit. Spirituality values balance in the blind race to make this profit. A spiritual entrepreneur   returns his profits to society and social welfare is paramount.

Today, when our country is facing a huge economic crisis due to an epidemic like COVID 19. And we have to build self-reliant Pakistan by developing entrepreneurship. Then if we combine spiritual thinking in management and entrepreneurship, then we will not only be able to become self-reliant but will also be able to bring development of entrepreneurship to every stage of society.
Given below are some characteristics of Spiritual Entrepreneurs:

They Think Big

Most businessmen face loss in their businesses due to the lack of thinking. The spiritual entrepreneurs are of the thoughts that all what they have is enough for them and they have much confidence of winning the game.
Leaders who have a strong sense of thinking never let their dreams be destroyed by small thinking. Spiritual entrepreneurs always think big.

They Prefer Abundance, not Scarcity

Spiritual entrepreneurs always prefer abundance.
Give a middle class man $10,000 to invest in something, and they’ll think they will lose it so they’ll save it.
But giving $10,000 to a spiritual entrepreneur, and he’ll see it as an initial step to start something big.
To a spiritual entrepreneur, it’s a start and this start always leads to something big.

They are Fine with Ambiguities

If you ask a spiritual entrepreneur how they’re going to do it? The answer will be “I don’t know but we’re just going to do it.”
There is something much powerful in that.
If you have it all figured out before you have started putting in all your efforts, then your vision isn’t that big.

They Invest in Personal & Team Development

Spiritual entrepreneurs aren’t crazy in expending or wasting money, but they are much sensible about differentiating between investment and expense.
They are of the thoughts that attending conferences, communicating and establishing links with other leaders, buying books. They do whatever it takes to make themselves and team better.This is an investment.
Most entrepreneurs spend the amount they earn from the hard work they do but the smart ones will only spend a minimum of their total revenue on making the team and themselves better.

They are The Rule Breakers

It is quite obvious that you should never break the rules which are against your religious norms. The ones who count them among spiritual entrepreneurs never do. They have a firm character. But they are willing to break the human rules in order to achieve their best.
It is said that Innovation always breaks rules. Why is it so?
The answer is Innovation never asks for permission. It just innovates.
These are the personal views of the team News Factory.
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