Types Of Parents And Their Impact On You

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Are your parents supportive of you or do they leave you alone? Most of the parents and their parenting style play a central role in your life. The way they interact and get involved in your life can have a big impact on the person you grow up to be.

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Before we begin we would like to mention that this post is written for educational purposes only.

The parenting styles we 're going to talk about are just general forms, there are situations where certain categories overlap and don't result in the behaviors we describe.

So here are 7 types of parents that may influence your behaviors.

Authoritative Parents

This type of parents appear to have high levels of both expectations and responsiveness towards their children, in other words they expect you to behave well while at the same time providing you with ample encouragement. You are likely to become more independent and empathetic as you grow up under this form of parenting.

Authoritarian Parents 

 Parents of this sort have high demand levels but low responsiveness levels, for instance, they would expect you to do well in school or competitions but are unable to offer the love and help you need. So you are more likely to become more frightened and vulnerable.

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Permissive Parents 

This type of parenting is likely to have low demand levels but high responsiveness levels which is the absolute opposite of the authoritarian type. They seem to worry a lot for you allowing you to do anything you want, as they don't set any boundaries or constraints. As you get older you will most likely become lazy and spoiled.

Neglectful Parents 

How would you feel if you always get neglected by your parents? Parents of this sort have low rates of response and demand. They don't seem to remember your life as they are either very busy or really cold because of all the disrespect you receive. You'll probably lack self-esteem and motivation.

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Alcoholic Parents 

This style of parenting is one of the most harmful for growth of children as alcohol has a substantial impact on cognition and actions. It becomes difficult for parents to take care of you after heavy drinking. Even though if only one of your parent's drinks it still affects your ability to develop friendships and trust with others later.

Joking Parents 

Most of the jokes are harmless but when teasing crosses the line, how can you tell? Have your parents ever teased you about your appearance or character, sarcastically? Typically these jokes are said with frustration, and hold an underlying message to humiliate you. When those backhanded jokes are continually repeated, then the situation can become problematic. For example , if a parent says stuff like you've always had a brain as a joke, but then says that I'm just kidding after that, it can still make you lose trust or even feel worthless.

Abusive Parents 

This is a critical kind of parenting which needs to be discussed. Parents belonging to this kind see their kids as a way for them to release their anger and frustration. The types of abuse can vary from verbal, physical and sexually prolonged exposure to these abusive actions with impotence, desperation, and a strong desire for revenge. If you are linked to this please contact someone if you are looking for support or just a friend to speak to.

Do you relate to any of these parenting styles that we've mentioned? Let us know in the comments below if you found this post helpful and  be sure to share this post with those who might benefit from it.

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