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Why Do we Buy a Domain Name?

Whenever we plan to start blogging, the first and foremost question that comes is to buy a domain name. Where to buy? And how can we select the best one according to our niche.
Most of the website owners use custom domains that represent their brand and have a professional and better impact on the users. With the help of a domain, one can easily search the site or the brand. And the domain is the URL of the site or blog.
As you can see our domain which is:

What is a Domain?
When we create a blog on different platforms like blogger or wordpress. These platforms provide you their own free domain that is like,
www.yoursitee.blogspot.com or www.yoursite.wordpress.com.
This is such a lengthy URL which isn’t easy to rank. And when it comes to Google Adsense it is much difficult to get the site monetized with Adsense.
A minimum age of site with free domain to be eligible for Adsense is 6 months whereas you can get your site approved with a custom domain within 2 months.

How can you get the most Suitable Domain?

If you detach the Wordpress or Blogspot domain and attach a custom yoursite.com domain, it will be much easier for the visitor to remember. Visitors can easily search your URL and can visit your site. This post is a mixture of all those asked questions regarding buying a domain.

Premium Domain Extensions

Domains are of many types but the one which suits your site makes it better for the visitors to remember.
Most commonly used and preferable domain extensions are  .com, .net, .org, .info, .online, .global, .tv, .pk, .in, .biz, .uk, .co etc.
So now we have come to know how to select a domain name for our site.
You need to select a great domain name for your blog which matches your niche with being easy to remember. You can't change it again and again. You have to think first and develop a mind map before buying a domain.
With a top level domain name like the one we have, you will get your site ranked higher in the Google search engine. And your site will also start ranking up  for keywords in search soon. This will lead to a tremendous increase in the blog or site’s traffic along with the sales if one owns a business site.

How to choose a good domain name?

Before choosing and buying a domain you all should make a mindmap based on the following points and when the chosen domain has all these plus points then you should buy one.
Following are the steps to be kept in mind:

Easy to Type

To look for a better domain, you must first enter your domain name. Which people could easily type and remember. This implies that the domain chosen must be according to your niche and easy to type without any dashes or signs.

Keep it Precise

Before buying a domain name, you must keep in mind that you should not choose a name that is too long or irrelevant. Try to keep it short for your site. Because having a lengthy domain name makes it difficult for the visitor to remember. Keep your domain name short.
A domain name can have a maximum size of 63 characters consisting of letters, hyphens or combinations.

Use of Numbers and Hyphens

In the domain of the site, you can use a number and Hyphens if you want to. But it would be much better and classic if you do not use them in your domain. Using numbers or hyphens in the domain can have a negative impact. As it will result in having difficulty remembering the domain.

An Easy to Remember Name

When choosing a domain name, keep in mind that the name you are choosing has a memorable impact on the users. Because it is very vital, if it is difficult to remember the name of your blog or site, then visitors will not be able to visit your blog. Therefore, it is better to choose a relevant name and don't forget to select the name of a popular site within the same niche. All you have to do is to make some variations so that you have your own unique domain.

Keyword Relevancy 

Keyword Relevancy means you have a domain name that describes your blog’s niche. Suppose your blog site is based on free pictures, then you can select copyrightfreeimages.com or freeimagespace.org etc.

Where to buy a domain name?

There are many domain registration sites to buy a domain such as 
You can register a domain for your blog or website from any of these sites.
The domain I am using was bought from Godaddy for $3.3 and they have a starting price of $0.99 which is quite reasonable.
These are the most popular and trusted domain providers. 
You are suggested to buy a .com, .org, .edu, .pk, .uk, .online, .co etc.
If you are not able to finalize and choose a suitable and attractive name for your website then you can find one on.
On the Domain Name Generator , you have to add the keywords that are related to your niche and the one you want to use as your domain name.
Rest will be done by the generator and it will provide you with a list of attractive domain names according to your need.
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Where is the best place to buy a domain name?
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Where do I buy a domain name?
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