Youth Crime Increasing Day by Day

Young Criminals

Youth is the future of our country and it is quite disturbing when we come to know that half of the youngsters are getting involved in the crimes. The news shows that the number of thefts, robbery, and murders has been increasing tremendously. What more threatening is that the average age of the victims has been decreasing day by day. Many reports have suggested an increase in the participation of youth in crimes and this has reached an alarming situation where experts have to start analyzing its causes and possible solutions. We all must know that Crime doesn’t pay, even if they earn from selling the stolen things they will face negative consequences.

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Factors that cause the Youngsters to be involved in Criminal Activities

To understand why the youth crime rate has been increasing we have to take a look on the factors that forced the youngsters to take this step and grab the weapons instead of reading books and serving the nation.

Unemployment is the first and foremost cause of the tremendous increase in the crime rate among the youth. Most of the graduates are getting involved in the act of thefts, stealing and robberies. Not getting employed is a great cause of frustration among youngsters. A study has confirmed that more than 50% of the criminals are unemployed.

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The second thing is watching TV for the whole day or most of the time also has a negative impact on the youngsters. Playing video games having violence and crime scenes develop a negative impact on the young generation.    

Thirdly, Parents now a days are busy in their jobs and are unable to spend much time with their children. They don’t even bother what’s happening in their children’s life. They don’t know what is going in the small minds. They just focus on what they are doing in schools. If he is in a bad company he is will adapt every habit, what his fellows will be doing. These are the factors which influence the young generation the most.       

Karma never leaves anyone. If they did something wrong, they will also face the same.                            

As we all know this saying;

“the weed of crime bears bitter fruit”

The one’s which are on the wrong paths will surely face the consequences that will not be in the favor of the guilty.

People are affected by criminal activities on many aspects, usually youngsters are innocent and are unaware about the laws and punishments set by the state. They choose to commit crime  only for the sake of money. Due to this, violence and drug substance abuse has bad effects on youngsters. The security of the whole society will not be guaranteed this way. Parents will be more concerned about their children’s security and maybe they cannot work with all their potential. Each student will be afraid of attending the school since there are so many criminal activities happening in the campus.

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As every cloud has a silver line, there are also many solutions to the rising problems. The government should make free institutes in specific areas where the children are deprived of education and the parents are unable to pay the dues. Campaigns should be organized in order to spread awareness among the youth focusing on their importance as the future builder of the nation. Parents should also try to spend more time with their children and indulge them in religious activities. Planning small outings and outdoor activities will encourage them to interact socially with people near them instead of watching programs promoting destruction and playing video games.

After summing up all the points I am able say that we being a society are only responsible for these circumstances and taking suitable steps like creating more job opportunities, friendly policies in work, lowering cost of living in our country and building stronger marriages, we can lower the crime rate especially among the youngsters to such an extent that will be favourable for all of us. After all the children are our future. We can’t imagine our developed nation without them.

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