Common Fashion Mistakes Guys Might Be Doing.

We people are constantly improving throughout our lives and adapting to look good and stylish. You may be perpetrating some fashion crimes that you should not. Often, formal and semi-formal errors are a bit less obvious especially if you're a novice. It becomes very important to improve your appearance whether it is getting a job or attracting the women. Here's a list of some very common fashion mistakes.

Buying Cheap Quality Shoes

A good quality shoe is definitely worth an investment. Buying a costly pair every year or a couple of years saves you more than buying a $20 pair that'll wear out quickly. Almost all cheaper shoes are glued, whilst a high-quality shoe is stitched. This renders them both re soluble and water-resistant. Plus, the expensive shoes are very comfortable to wear so you'll feel great.

Wearing Big Brand Logos

Unless you want to present yourself as a publicity board, avoid using brand logos. If you don't want to wear your clothes you 're buying clothes based on how they fit, feel and look, rather than the brand badges they 're carrying. To show its value a quality item does not need a logo. That is what it does with its construction, material quality and durability.

Wearing Too Much

Wearing accessories allows you to demonstrate your creativity and the effort you are putting into looking at your best. People love bold accessories and accent pie but don't go overboard. Wear no longer than 3-4 accessories. Accessories should be kept to a minimum and should, of course, match each other in terms of color, style and the material they are made from.

Wearing Gym Socks at Work

Athletic socks are thicker than dress socks, and don't match the dress shoes' defined style. They are cheap, and they easily become dingy. People should not wear a suit with the exercise apparel.

Of course you should buy 2-3 pair of dress socks. Dress socks are comfortable and durable. They look classy on their feet, and feel good.

Deep V Neck Shirts

V-neck t-shirts are all right if you've got a fine amount of muscles but if you're skinny or a bit over sized. They will not work in your favor. Stretched out V-necks tend to look sloppy, and may detract from an otherwise professional look.

An ideal tee shirt should fit your body properly, without being overly tight. Opt for a safe play with round neck and collared t-shirts.

Wearing Square Toe Shoes

If you understand the basics of formal clothing, you know it was a failed experiment with the square toe shoes. There is no reason why you should ever wear those boxy kicks unless you've had a serious case of frostbite.

Stick to dress shoes with a classic rounded or moderately pointy, black or brown leather. They are strictly professional and give a classic, timeless appeal.

Wearing Over-Sized Shirts & Long Trousers 

Loose and long dress will make you look shorter, sloppy and fatter. A very long trouser makes you look heavier and older. Opt for a length trouser that slides your shoes barely to the top.

A baggy shirt and a loose one will also make you look fatter and stumper. The best dress shirt fits comfortably around the chest, under the axes and across the upper back, giving you a complete range to move your body comfortably and with no resistance.

Irregular Tie Lengths

Helps balance your legs and torso when a tie is worn at the proper length. It can make the whole look frumpy and sloppy when worn over too long. The look can be kind of clownish when worn too short.

The correct tie length is when the tie tip rests between the top and bottom of the buckle on your belt. Have a second opinion if wearing a tie.

Curling Shirt Collars

One of the guys' biggest disappointments is when they've got limp and curling collars. A collar, i.e., laying directly against your collarbone can give people a wrong impression.

You can try down a button or a stiff collar shirt, these shirts can stay up straight of course. A simple pair of stays with the collar can also keep your collar straight and prevent it from laying down. Did your shirts wash dry instead of the washing machine? This increases the shirt's life and keeps it crispy and fresh too.

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