Galaxy Buds Vs AirPods Pro | Ultimate Comparison

Welcome to another tech review by The News Factory, I hope you people will find it interesting as we are doing the most awaited comparison which is Galaxy Buds vs Airpods Pro!

Galaxy buds live which is a sequel to the galaxy buzz plus with a whole different design and active noise cancellation. This is supposed to compete with Apple's Airpods Pro, so we're going to put these two head to head to see which comes on top.

With almost everything tech, specs don't matter it's actually the real-life user experience that matters in the end. If you compare the Galaxy Buds Live with the Airpods pro, you'll find that they have very similar specs. You'd find that they are both using Bluetooth 5.0, they have very similar playtime in terms of the battery. They are both sweat and water-resistant to some levels, so you can see that specs aren't really going to do anything here.

Now when it comes to having great sound you'd give that Samsung. They did a really good job with the galaxy buds and galaxy buds plus.

Now with the new Galaxy Buds Live they went extra to make it sound better. The Airpods Pro does sound amazing but I'm going to give the win here to Samsung because they did a really good job. 

  • Another thing you might want to consider is how well they fit.

When it comes to the Galaxy Buds Live they fit in perfectly well in your ears and they are very comfortable. You see Samsung had to go the extra mile of redesigning this whole thing in a bean-shaped form which I think is really cool and it just fits perfectly into your ear.

Which is better Airpods or Galaxy Buds?

As for functionality, it is a lot easier to control media functions on the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live than it is on the Airpods pro if you're using the Airpods pro right now you know exactly how it feels in fact it's a lot easier to control media function on the AirPods too than it is to control media function on the AirPods pro.

Apple has always had the AirPods look really cool, simple, and very fashionable. In fact, it is a fashion trend but this time Samsung came with something very cool now. very simple design like I said before. I love the bean shape design the way it fits into your ear very simple and what's driving me crazy is the mystic bronze color. It's glossy and it's clean and so as for design, I'll give that to the galaxy buds live.

When things start to get a little bit weird for the galaxy buds live is with active noise cancellation, now Samsung equipped the galaxy buds live with active noise cancellation what they call an open type active noise cancellation which isn't really the best.

I'm not saying that it's bad, what I'm saying is when you compare the active noise cancellation on the Galaxy buds live to that on the AirPods pro you get a really really massive difference in results. The AirPods Pro gets active noise cancellation nailed down to the point and I think Samsung should do a lot of work to improve the active new cancellation on the Galaxy Buds Live.

If you want to buy the Galaxy Buds Live because of the active noise cancellation, then you have to rethink that decision because it doesn't sound just as good as the active noise cancellation on the AirPods pro and I've got to keep props to Samsung here. They did a lot of cool stuff with the Galaxy Buds Live.

Things that I was expecting to see on the galaxy buds plus but I was disappointed when they released the Galaxy Buds Plus because I was expecting a little bit more but turns out the galaxy buds plus was just a tiny upgrade of the original galaxy buds which were already good. so I’m glad they actually made changes and they finally brought on active noise cancellation even though it still needs a lot of work. I'm glad they are trying to make something different from the original galaxy buds.


Now as for which you should buy I'd leave that up to you, you see if you're an apple sheep you're better off buying the apple's pro than buying the galaxy buds live. Why? technically it's difficult to say it's a lot more stressful to set up the galaxy buds live on your iPhone than it is to set up the Airpods pro on an iPhone. Well if you are using a Samsung smartphone in fact any android smartphone the galaxy buds live is the go-to for you.

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