How to Be Your Own Boss?

It's nice being your own boss. It throws your life into uncertainty, and checks you to the core as a individual. You are going to muddle through the dark, alone, in search that is beyond your wildest expectations.

Perhaps the biggest discovery you'll find along the way is Freedom.

The fact is, most people today are afraid to behave as if their ability had no limits. Responding to the challenge and taking the call encourages fear in the form of danger as opportunity knocks and presents itself. This pushes you to make sacrifices in life sooner, and makes you understand that this will not be as painless as any mentor in the past has led you to believe.

Acknowledge that there is nothing like work, life and balance.  Just the job, life and the choices!

If you want to learn how to become your own boss, I'll be able to tell you that without sugar coating. Firstly, there are no big secrets about how to do this.   You can spend your life looking for keys to unlock the doors to super success. But the only key out there that can open and unlock the door is well, you.

You can believe that "luck" plays a part in other people's success, and I'll tell you with complete confidence that's not the case. You will definitely never find those kinds of excuses below, because they are all nonsense and I do not consider any of them! All the things you think are important, are not in reality.

Welcome to the rare kind of hell:

Goals or It’s Gone

It calls for sacrifice. What a huge effort. It means dropping everything and everything that is not part of your ambitions, totally out of your life. It is said much better than finished. This simply means no Facebook any more. No more twitter, sports bars, soccer games, Netflix, etc. Eventually all the old friends you hang out with, including those who don't pull you down, will be eliminated from your life and replaced by mentors. It doesn't matter what your relationship with them in the past was.  If they're not part of your ambitions they don't have a place in your life. It is intolerable to most people. They hate being alone.

It's all about working late nights and early mornings, being your own boss. Most of it you spend all by yourself in the workplace. You will stop worrying about what day it is, and start thinking about what needs to be done. You will have no time left to spend on stuff that really doesn't matter.

Patience and Focus

You have to be patient. From always looking for immediate gratification. Overnight, you 're not building a million-dollar company. You can't become a high performance businessman overnight. You don't suddenly become either the best or the biggest salesman. It takes time for that to happen. This calls for a lot of dedication. 

Pay Yourself

Pay yourself and your people firstly.   Don't let it all sink back into business. You don't have to be years old to realize that market isn't willing to buy it. Just like that all the hopes you have of cashing out the end disappear. If you had wanted to sell for millions, you could now find yourself with a buyer who only wants to pay hundreds of thousands.

It’s a Damn Business

It is not a side business. It’s is not a sport. It is a damn' company. And you must have laser beam concentration, without a doubt. You have to claim to be number one in your business. You have to insist on breaking every single record made before you. Either you are the greatest, or you are absolutely nothing.

Never Be in Doubts

Not to share your self-doubts with others. You turn them into a reality, the moment you do. If you think you're going to lose, you become a loser. There's a clear explanation why winners are always winning, because they all think of winning. They are not going to tolerate anything less. There will be moments when you're going to be wrong but you never have to be in doubt! Believe your guts!

Take Actions

You have to be prepared to turn your thoughts into actionable measures towards your goals. When there is one problem in business that essentially trips everyone, action is taken. Many fail to do so, on a regular basis and not just once. You have to realize that running a company means taking action not only a couple of times but millions and millions of times. It is hard, relentless work. All the nonsense you read about a week of work which is just a few hours is just that, nonsense. A business is like a leech it eats all your time.   You simply can't overlook this. When you do, your competitors like wolves come out of the woods and eat you alive.

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