How to Dress Well on a Budget for Guys

Every Guy wants to be noticed but money gets in the way of teenagers and college going students who don't have enough pocket money or shortage of funds. To look good, we guys go to street markets and buy a lot of t-shirts and shirts that are ruined after 5-6 washes. This article is published especially for those who want to dress well on a budget.

If you want a perfect wardrobe to be designed, you need to spend on quality and the right time and place. Here I will show you all the details you need to create a wardrobe on a budget.

Remembering The Sale Seasons

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Different seasons of sales on different occasions of the year enable us to get clothes at a comparatively lesser cost. You will get amazing offers in online and offline stores respectively. Shops and malls are offering amazing discounts on their products, with more than 40 % off.
Some seasons that offer sales are:
  • End of January- start of Feb
  • Late June- early July
  • Christmas Deals
  • Sales in India and other Asian countries during Diwali and ‘Eid.
So start saving your money once you get great deal at these times you'll be able to modify your wardrobe at an affordable cost.

Be Open To Online Shopping

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All is done on the internet today and websites such as Amazon, EBay etc. give fare discounts on items and brands. Some people hesitate to buy online because of size difference or quality etc. but these sites offer simple return policies as well.
When you start shopping you will get addicted to the items provided by these sites and the likelihood of accessing things right at your doorstep.

Choose Clothes without Logos

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If you just want a trendy and classy wardrobe you probably shouldn't have those logos all over your pants and jackets. You should wear cheaper clothes without labels and nobody will be able to figure out whether they are cheap or branded clothes.
Spend more on generic garments, because they will offer the true value instead of wasting huge sums of cash on being the walking advertising of a brand (wearing their clothing).

Shop on Export Rejection Stores

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Export rejection stores are stores that offer high quality apparel at cheaper rates. The clothes with minor defects such as the use of various threads for stitching, thread falling out of buttons or a slight cut are refused in such stores by the popular brands. You will find plenty of clothes with marginal defects in these shops.
Most of those shops are in countries such as India, Pakistan, Nepal, Thailand etc. Definitely watch out for the closest export rejection shops.

Buy Packs of Clothes

Clothes in Bulk

Shopping sites such as amazon sell these 3-4 shirt or t-shirt packs that are certainly worth a try. If you're a student and you don't have enough money you probably can buy it.
Brands like roadster, free culture and labels and Marks & Spencer are providing those offers and are worth trying. They should be your selection for stylish day-to-day street and casual outfits.

Shoes of Premium Quality

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It is said that shoes determine the taste and choice of a man. Shoes describe you, and how much effort you are making in the crowd to look better. You must own a good pair of shoes to last longer.
Cheap shoes are quickly worn out and would possibly cost you more if you buy cheap shoes ones every three months. Most Probably, a good quality shoe would last a year or more.

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