Signs You are a Night Owl

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Signs you are a Night Owl

“Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

This adage has made the two chronotypes more polar and favorable to early birds. Society is biased towards the early birds. I love it! Studies conclude health benefits of being an early bird, and thus are mostly portrayed as Successful leaders and go-getters in media. In comparison, night owls are known to be lazy and self-indulgent.

Around 40 percent of the population are people who wake up in the mornings, 30 percent wake up in the evenings. Many of us fall within the median. While our genetics are largely responsible for our chronotype, depending on our schedules, moods and age, our sleep patterns will change.

Here are some signs of being a night owl along with its benefits:

Doing Your Best at Night

Responsible for that are two factors. One is that our bodies are hardly trained to work more effectively at night.   The other relates to the burden of sleep. Sleep pressure is the amount of time someone has spent staying awake. By this we can conclude that our brain should be working more sharply when we are awake. But that is not the case for night owls.

Some Researchers performed a study with a total of 31 people (16 early birds and 15-night owls). They found that even after 10.5 hours of sleep pressure, night owls were more alert, and their reaction times improved by 6 % compared to the early birds. Neurologically, further development was taking place in the suprachiasmatic nucleus by night owls. The result of this study proves that those with night time chronotypes have greater mental stamina.

  • Night owls are believed to be more intelligent.

You Feel Foggy or Tired in the Morning

Most of the activities run on a morning schedule, such as school or work. Night owls are thus commonly suffering from a phenomenon called the social jetlag. The concept was invented by University of Munich by a professor of chronobiology Till Roenneberg. Social jetlag triggers fogginess, low mental performance, lack of sleep and poor quality of sleep.

You Find it Hard to Sleep

When your mind is running at 100 mph it's hard to find sleep, it's no wonder night owls find it difficult to sleep. Chronobiology is not the only factor affecting our sleep patterns as well as affects our brain. Scientists studied the minds of early risers, night owls and intermediates at Aachen University in Germany. They found that night owls had less white matter (fatty tissue in the brain that enables contact between nerve cells) in the frontal and temporal lobes, cingulate gyrus and corpus callosum. They found that this is the reason why night owls couldn't fall asleep faster.

You Sleep Where & Whenever You Can

As a night owl, you 're used to be called "unconventional." It doesn't mean you don't indulge in a long nap just because you find it difficult to get to sleep. Night owls, like me, fall asleep everywhere they go. This skill developed as a result of our socially enforced schedules, but the mid-afternoon cat naps – extra strength can be helpful.

This isn't enough to transform us into a hulk, night owls boast an extra power. Evening people are at their highest intensity after 9 pm, according to researchers at the University of Alberta. The reason for this is because the motor cortex and spinal cord are excitable.

You Run on Coffee

Coffee. The god's nectar which keeps you functional. Since there is too much pressure in our daily lives to be present, the night owls need the extra energy boost to wake up early in the morning.

Apart from being delicious, there are other health benefits of coffee. 

  • It provides nutrients.
  • Is a great source of antioxidants. 
  • Reduces risk of Parkinson's.


Though you probably know what your chronotype is. Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, proper sleep hygiene is key to the stay healthy and sharp. Don't forget to share this post with someone who you think might benefit from it.


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