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Signs You Aren't Being True to Yourself

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When we grow we develop gradually our own concept of an ethical and moral existence. When it comes to being true to yourself, having your own values in line is just one aspect of the equation! Remaining true to one's self is different with everyone. With that said, let's think about some ways to boost your moral compass. Given below are some signs that prove that you aren't being true to yourself:

You Copy Others

Typically, when we copy someone there is a reason to do so.  Maybe what they did was landing them a cool new job, welcoming them to a successful program or even finding their significant. For ourselves, we want to replicate the same social impact, so we unknowingly begin to follow in their footsteps. Although there's nothing wrong with taking suggestions from others, trying to copy them clearly strips you of your individuality. While the objective may be the same, seek to use your own uniqueness in all conditions. Eventually, you'll be proud of what you have been doing.

You Please People

Have you had a tough time saying "No?" You are taking more things into your own hands than you are capable of? If that sounds like you, maybe you're a friendly guy. The ones who please people have gentle, sharing hearts. Yet the true risk of this comes when someone is seeking to manipulate your kindness. If you constantly prefer others before yourself, you may not remain true to yourself.

You Rely on External Opinions

That is something for which we are all guilty of. Simply avoiding is not an easy thing as this is inherent within ourselves as human beings. For example, once thought of guilt as a warning sign that helps us remain within our social groups. There's nothing that will stop others from passing their opinions about you, but you should never change yourself according to their needs and demands.

You Attract Drama Alot

This one is unexpected. Perhaps there's nothing worse than having your life ruined by unwanted drama. It is likely to happen one way or another because we are social beings. But if you feel that you that this has been happening to you more than normal then this might be a distraction.

You Give Your Powers to Others

Do you like others decide things for you? Or on the other side, do you depend on what other people decide about you, even if they want your own? If it sounds the same as you do, then you are not true to yourself.   We are not born to handle ourselves completely to someone else if we aren't willing to do so. If you feel being controlled by someone else, then this is time to make the change.

You Procrastinate

Several examples include putting off small tasks regularly or trying to make the major career shift you've been dreaming about. Many times, the fear of failure is still. If you've been reluctant about doing the thing which you've been thinking for a while, you might be sacrificing what's really best for you.

You Justify Your Decisions

Do you find yourself struck while taking a decision and then you feel regret for that? This point comes along with many other signs in everyone's life. Maybe you're defending your procrastination, your decisions to satisfy others, or even the times you let others take charge. Realize that you are a priority if this sounds like you, and that the choices you will make are the ones that keep you the happiest and most satisfied.


It's easy to expect too much from yourself. We urge all our readers to practice self-care and have compassion for themselves. Nobody is, or will ever be, perfect. Don't forget to share this post with someone you think might benefit from it.


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