Signs You Have a Weak Sense of Self

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A Sense of Self refers to how well you perceive the characteristics that define you, according to a Healthline article. Some people who can confidently identify these traits are likely to have a strong sense of self. Others who are struggling with that may have a weak sense of themselves. But don't worry, you can always make yours stronger with some work and some mindfulness!

You have a Hard Time Saying No!

Have you ever been asked to do anything you didn't want to do but couldn't say no? It happens to the best of us but in these situations often, biting your tongue could be a sign of a weak sense of self.

For some cases there may be some compelling reasons for refraining from saying no. However, if the main reason for not saying 'no' has to do with people pleasing or making others happy, it's likely to stem from an underdeveloped sense of self.

You Lack Self-Confidence

You've already heard a few times about the word self-confidence. But what is it? Well, someone who is self-confident has a real and positive confidence in their abilities. Confidence doesn't make you feel arrogant or trapped, it just means you know yourself well enough to realize clearly what you are doing well.

It doesn't always come easy to have confidence and it's something that so many people keep struggling with. Some tried and tested ways of building self-confidence and are working for an optimistic voice inside, practicing appreciation, and focusing on what you do well every day.

You Struggle to Define your Interests and Values

What do you like to do for enjoyment? What values are you holding closest? When these questions sound overwhelming or difficult to answer, then you may not have a clear sense of yourself.

According to Better Help, developing your hobby isn't just a perfect way to know yourself, but to seek other great friendships. Many of the strongest friendships are based in common interests and values to encourage your sense of self grow even more.

You Often Seek Validation from Others

Do you feel proud of yourself when you do well on an exam, score a winning goal, or perform a piece of music? Or, do you want others to be proud of you, including parents or friends?

There's nothing wrong with demanding to be appreciated for your work or needing to be rewarded, but if recognition has the power to change the way you feel, you may depend a little too much on that. Relying on praise can mean that you have not fully accepted yourself for what you are and attempt to fill the space with others accepting you instead.

Remember this When You Think You’re Not Good Enough.

You Don’t Spend Time Alone

Most experts believe that spending time with yourself is so crucial for creating a good sense of self, as it allows you some much-needed time without distractions to get to know yourself. If you've just started spending more time alone, and it's a bit hard or uncomfortable, don't worry, you 're not alone!  As other things, with the passage of time it will become easier to experience.

Want to spend time alone but don't know how to? Look no further, we've got some great ideas. Some great activities to try are nature walks, yoga, puzzle-making, watching television, cooking and much more!

You are very Indecisive

Do you struggle to decide your own wishes and needs? It's perfectly natural to be indecisive from time to time, but if you still struggle to determine what you want or how you feel, you may not be as in tune with yourself as you would like.

But be sure not to equate indecisiveness with carefulness and thinking things through. It's nice to take the time to weigh choices on critical negative issues. But when you're often faced with options and have a hard time deciding, it might mean you lack enough confidence in yourself to make decisions. 

You have Codependent Relationships

Have you ever heard about the word codependency? It applies to relying too much on the other person to keep you afloat in the form of relationships or friendships. It is not only dangerous for your relationship, it can cause you to lose your sense of who you are, no matter who is around you.

Codependency also leads to a poor sense of self, because this can very easily lead you to base your own view of yourself on how others perceive you. Even if these people are very close to you, keep in mind that others have the ability to know you better than yourself, and it can skew the way you see yourself by focusing too much on external opinions. 

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