TikTok Caught Stealing Mac Adresses

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Is TikTok Dangerous?

For more than 18 months, TikTok has been stealing MAC addresses from Android devices, violating its own policies and the rules of the Google Play Store, according to the reports of Wall Street Journal.  For each device, MAC addresses are unique identifiers which make them useful for both tracking and advertisement purposes.

Can TikTok steal your information?

TikTok has been stealing the data of millions of users without asking them for it, as the users were unaware of it. The collection of MAC addresses was banned by both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store in 2015, but TikTok was able to find a backdoor for it.

The Chinese app TikTok added a layer of encryption to cover its activities, and only stopped in November last year after increasing political pressure from Washington. The WSJ study found that almost 350 other Android apps mainly used the same backdoor for targeted advertising.

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Google has declined to comment on how TikTok has so long been able to evade its security measures and steal data right under its nose. At the other hand, there were no reports of this type at iOS. It is mostly due to iOS 14 randomizing MAC addresses for each device making them more difficult to monitor and to ensure better protection from malicious attacks.

TikTok has claimed that the latest version of its app will not collect any of its user's MAC addresses and added that they are committed to protecting the TikTok community's privacy and safety.  Proof bears no relation to their declarations.

Is TikTok going to be banned?

TikTok's news comes at a bad time as the app is under big investigation for charges about stealing user's data. President Donald Trump has threatened to ban the app if it fails to hand over reigns to a US corporation by next month. Microsoft is reportedly engaging in takeover negotiations with the firm, and Twitter has shown interest too, although it is uncertain how far the deals have gone.

Who owns TikTok?

TikTok is owned by a Chinese firm named ByteDance, but former Disney executive Kevin Mayer is heading the company.

TikTok says its data is stored in United States having backup servers in the Singapore and claims that it does not keep data in China.

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