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Top 5 Digital Health Apps in Pakistan

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Health is Wealth, this is a valuable quote, considering the recent Corona Virus outbreak. This deadly virus spread so rapidly that in an effort to keep it contained a whole city was abandoned. This virus taught us that health systems need to be connected, we need more technology-focused to identify and cure such diseases because when Doherty Institute found a way to grow COVID, they didn't spend a second and decided to share all the information back with the world paving way for this epidemic to cure itself.

Technology can help immensely in Pakistan that's why we've listed Pakistan 's top 5 digital health apps that can support people. Keep in mind that these are the health apps for apple iPhone as well as health apps for Samsung or android.
Here you go with the top five:


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Established in 2016 and headquartered in Karachi, FindmyDoctor provides laboratory tests, doctor's consultation at home and features 'seeking a doctor near you' as well. There's also a 'blood required' feature which will help you find blood donors in your area. Health tips are also available and the design and simplicity of the app really makes it one of the best performing apps in the app store.

Healthpass TeleDoc

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Medicount Pvt ltd. has developed Healthpass Teledoc. It's a 'Find a Doctor' app that helps you locate doctors available within your range and allows you to book an appointment. It's a simple, clean application that also lets you pay from your phone.


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Dawaai is your one-stop medicines shop. At Dawaai, all the details are available about medicines, ordering them online, their delivery, their possible risks or side effects and when to order them and when to refill them. This also notifies you by giving reminders and updates of upcoming events. 'Denture at Home' is one of Dawaai's launched features in Pakistan and it also provides Lap tests at doorstep.

Pharmapedia Pakistan

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Another fascinating application I'll be talking about is "Pharmapedia Pakistan." As the name suggests, it is a pharmacy encyclopedia. It includes all the information regarding drugs available in Pakistan, their dosages, their side effects and much more.

Medical Guide App Pakistan

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The last application I'll be talking about is the Pakistan Medical Guide App, which contains all the information you would need about hospitals, drugs, and ambulances. It even works offline, so you can learn about specific medicines and drugs. And what's more interesting is that it is totally ad-free.


Pakistan's digital health market is new and on its way to better and better as the time passes.  More applications and inter connectivity between hospitals, ambulances, pharmacies and so on are needed to drive our country towards a true Digital Health Country. Don’t forget to share this post with someone who you think might benefit from it.

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