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Image Optimization & It's Benefits

According to the latest survey, many consumers expect the website to be loaded within 2 minutes or less and if it takes more than 2 minutes to load the website and it develops a negative impression of the website. The only way to lift up loading speed is to optimize every single image displayed on the website.   

What is meant by Image Optimization?

Image optimization is the method for reducing the resolution of a high-quality picture in the appropriate format, scale and resolution, making a lot of effort on your website. It's also responsible for a better SEO. That is, having photos of your product and decorative photos to place on Google and other search engines.

Does Image Optimization Matter?

For some websites like eCommerce, travel blogs and news, images play a major role as they depend solely on image-oriented content.  The website with few pictures won't attract many visitors, so we need to insert more and more pictures for each service or product, but we must optimize them on our website.

What happens if the Image isn't Optimized?

If the images are not optimized correctly, this results in increasing loading time of the website and thus ultimately reduces the traffic on site. There are lots of tactics and techniques to optimize the images for your website. After optimizing images you'll be able to display them without facing any further issues.

Enhance Page Speed

Images are not the sole reason for the website's low loading speed but also a part of it. Using a picture which is not optimized significantly slows down your website and can trigger loading issues. By means of a compressed & optimized photo, your website's loading speed is lifted up, it loads smoothly.

Improves User Experience

Visitors always enjoy the website which loads fastly as well as smoothly. This can make a major difference and give a better browsing experience for the user. All you need to do is optimize your images perfectly with a proper title and alt text & use images without losing their quality. This will lead in increasing load speed and providing good user experience, so users can spend more time on your website.

Helps in Ranking

All of us want our website to be top of search engine ranking and image optimization has become one of the major ranking factors in search engine after algorithm update. Thus, it's much obvious that On-page SEO includes image optimization as well as a powerful ranking tools to make our websites rank faster in search results as compared to websites with low load speed.

Better Lead Conversion

If you have higher rankings of the search engine, you can drive more traffic to the website and you can instantly impress and turn the visitors into customers. Visitors who are not happy with a web page 's loading experience have no hope of moving on with your services. Image optimization plays a major role in the eCommerce industry, which gives the website significant importance and contributes to more conversion.


Given above are the tips to lift up the loading speed of your website.  Make smart real-time image optimization that can drive the conversion better and offer a great visual experience to the website. Share your suggestions and ideas in the comment section below. Don't forget to share this post with someone who you think might benefit from it.


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