Signs of Emotional Exhaustion

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Experiencing changing levels of stress and anxiety all day long can make some people feel normal. But chronic stress can put a strain on you, not only physically, but also emotionally. Emotional exhaustion can vary from person to person, so it's important that you know what are your signs. Some of the people can't even recognize that they are going through it.

As always, keep in mind that this article is written solely for purposes of education and interest, and is not intended to diagnose signs or symptoms of emotional exhaustion. If in this article you can relate to some of the symptoms, please talk to your doctor or health care provider and seek medical advice if needed. It can be difficult to handle mental fatigue so don't suffer in silence!

You Have Mood Swings

Does your mood always feel negative, irritable or low? Feelings of hopelessness, depression and persistent irritability are associated with emotional exhaustion, PsychCentral says, if you find it difficult to cope, it's important to seek support.

You Find It Difficult to Concentrate

Emotional exhaustion can affect your motivation quite greatly. If you're generally a person of the type 'get up and seize the day,' then that may be more significant. If you feel you lack enthusiasm for things that you would normally find enjoyable, then you might be undergoing emotional exhaustion.

You Feel Unmotivated

Have you ever felt like your brain is 'foggy' and not really sure about things? 'Brain fog' is common to people with emotional fatigue, and burning out can affect your cognitive ability, according to research. This affects the ability to recall things, make choices, concentrate or get prepared.

You Feel Physically Tired

It's a normal feeling that you don't always want to get out of your warm bed in a morning, or feel dizzy in the mid-afternoon nap. However, if you're feeling tired most of the time and desiring to sleep more, this might suggest you 're experiencing exhaustion. Since emotional exhaustion can have some severe consequences for your health, it is important to remember whether you are having trouble while sleeping, or your energy levels are declining with the passage of time.

You Avoid Being with Others

Have you ever felt like getting exhausted with social circumstances or would you rather spend some time alone in your own company? Well, this is natural to want to have your own time, if you make choices intentionally to be alone more often than normal, this may be an indication that you don't feel socially active emotionally. If you find yourself avoiding work, friends or your partner and isolating yourself more than normal, it could be a sign that exhaustion affects your relationships and mental health.

You are Facing Emotional Numbness

Ever felt that you are unable to feel or express your emotions the way you usually did? That may be indicating that you feel emotionally crushed. Real emotional fatigue can last more than a day or two, so talk to a close friend or family member for some extra support if you experience this regularly. Keeping a mood diary is also a good way to keep track of how you feel every day.

Your Relationships Are Getting Effected

Relationships can be difficult to maintain at the best of times, but being fully present or close to significant ones, friends & family can be more difficult for people undergoing emotional exhaustion. This can have a severe effect in relationships and can result in distancing or dispute.

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