Signs Your Friend Truly Cares About You

If you remember your school days, you'll also be haunted by memories of your old friends and life changing decisions you belong to a good company then. I'm not sure but I believe that life is much easy and beautiful with an honest friend.

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Even though I have lost many friends over the years, I know my true friends are the ones who are by my side today. If we are hanging one-on-one, or in a party they make me feel included and appreciated. Of course, I still do my hardest to do the same for them, because it is important for me to know how much I care for them.  But for everyone this love could look different, so I've always made a point of stopping and remembering what is it that makes a true friendship feel so satisfying. Well here are eight signs your friend truly cares about us.

They Don’t Require a Reason to Talk

Having a reason to talk to someone can be a way to introduce yourself or to know someone a little better, but if you have been friends for a while then you shouldn't feel the need to have a reason to talk. Otherwise it may sound like you're trying to use each other, only coming around when you need each other. Even if you are a coworker or a partner in the lab, it is important to let others know when you respect them as a friend. Desiring to enjoy each other's company is not wrong.

You Don’t Always Start Conversations

Something as innocent as a nice text will lighten someone's day tremendously (and improve your friendship!), so don't forget the little stuff. When someone reaches out, I feel valued, even if they need advice or just want to share a meme. It tells me they appreciate our friendship as much as I do. For introverts this can be a challenge, particularly those who are friends with other introverts! Everyone interacts in their own way, so be patient.

They Care about How You Are

I remember how excited I was last year, to catch up with an old friend of mine, only to be frustrated when they spent all three hours chattering as if I skipped a of the year's must-watch television show. It was obvious I could have been anyone; they would be happy as long as they had somebody to talk with. To me, these types of relationships sound rather impersonal. Getting someone to talk to is nice but it's even better, when conversation is mutual.

They Have a Comforting Body Language

The difficult part about communication is that it's not words that say the story. Someone might not know how to express what they really want to, or they might feel forced to behave in some way. Paying attention to the body language of your friend might give you an indication of their true feelings. They might say that they are comfortable, while going with you to a party but stand at the corner with their heads down at the time of pictures. This might indicate that their body language is opposite to their words.

They Have Been There for You When Needed

Anybody can say that they will be there for you, but your true friends are those who follow through with their acts. Life happens, of course and your friend may not always be able to drop something when you need it. Those who care will do their best to help you, even if it simply means sending a text to check whether you are fine or not. When things get tough a true friend won't vanish! Thanks to all those mean friends of mine for not being with me when I needed them the most.

They Like You with and without Your Flaws

Someone who really cares will not just like a part of you. They will love everything of you, even the bits that you're not a fan of. And when you are not able to be around, they will stand by you. They will embrace you for being yourself and expect you to do the same for them as friendship is all about balance.

You Both Are Honest to Each

A true friend would not tell you what you'd like to hear. They will be direct and truthful, even though conflict with you is hard. Some of the hardest discussions for me personally have been the most helpful for my friendships. They helped me to understand who really wants the best for me, and who only wants ease.

You Feel Complete when You’re with Them

When you're with your mates you shouldn't have a wall up there. Wait, I don't mean to tell every single thing to them as they are your friends but you shouldn't feel like you are hiding a part of yourself. I remember how some ex-friendships made me feel like I'm talking too much, or I'm having strange interests, like I'm feeling too much but those were not real friends! At that time, I didn't realize but a true friendship won't make you feel like you have to change a single thing about yourself.

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