What is PUBG? Why is it so Popular

The gaming world has turned into battle royale insanity, with a huge number of games being released. One is Fortnite and the other is Battlegrounds of Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, or PUBG for players. In today’s post we will be discussing about what is PUBG and why is it getting such an epic response.

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The important thing about these huge titles is that they are now available on mobiles as well as other platforms.

Who launched the game PUBG?

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds game is launched by Tencent Games and the game was developed by Krafton gaming. Now is under PUBG Corporation, and is available for both Android as well as iOS. The game is on steam too, for PC users.

The game is currently on top of most played games, and is being played in all the regions except for some where it got banned due to some reasons.

The Android version is available on Google Play and the iOS version on the Apple App Store.

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds game is an ongoing online game, so you'll be required an internet connection to play solo, duo and squad matches on the game by mobile network or Wi-Fi but the lower the ping the better will be the game play.

PUBG Mobile Requirement for Android

  • Android 5.1 or higher.
  • 2 GB of Ram (At-least)

I have checked PUBG gameplay at Galaxy Note 8 and haven't noticed any lag or other problem.

PUBG Mobile Requirement for iOS

  • iOS 9.0 or Later
  • Most of the IPhone can play PUBG on the minimum settings like IPhone 5s, iPad Mini 2 and yes iPod touch 6th generation.
Gameplay on Iphone 8 Plus went so smooth with Ultra Settings and smooth gameplay.


PUBG has been rated 16+ by PEGI due to extreme violence as well as the usage of drugs.

What is a Battle Royale?

Battle Royale generally means everyone against everyone, a little bit like The Hunger Games where you have nothing at the initial stage and have to hunt and gather weapons and equipment. The game is a battle with 100 players on an island. The one who survives, wins.

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PUBG has three modes of game-play:

  • Solo
  • Duo
  • Squad

Allowing you to team up with three other players, a team of four or squad.  With different pros and cons, each player is different from one another. A pro who supports three other players, revives others and applies co-operative tactics in the game.

PUBG Mobile Gameplay

The game begins with players using parachute to land. On landing your mission is to collect everything you can to get to win, with a wide range of weapons and their modifications.

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The island is a mixture of urban and rural areas, outlined in the map in the top-right corner of the game, and the entire area is initially accessible, but with the passage of time the play area decreases as the zone starts shrinking.   

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This brings the players closer to each other with ever-declining circle, any player left outside the safe-zone will start taking damage and eventually die. When the last few players are squeezed into a small zone, the game reaches its climax and one player or squad emerges as victor.

If you're one of the squads surviving till the last zone, then the game will last up to 30 minutes. You kill them all or get killed.

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"Winner Winner Chicken Dinner"

PUBG Mobile Controls

PUBG Mobile provides the same gameplay elements as the PC and Xbox version provides, but it uses on screen controls. The controls can be customized to suit the size of your device or your preferences for a variety of different configurations and elements.

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You can also change the controls of game to drive vehicles, in which there are a range in choices.

PUBG Mobile Gaming Experience

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The gameplay is actually quite good and smooth, while those with larger displays and more powerful devices have an advantage. You can use three graphics settings, and the game will choose automatically according to the specifications of the device. 

How much does PUBG Mobile Cost?

The game itself can be downloaded for free, and played online. Inside the game there is a system of rewards that will awards you coins (BP) for your participation and completion of different tasks such as logging in every day, travelling a specific distance or surviving a certain amount of time. Then these coins can be used to buy in-game items like clothes & skins etc. Otherwise, in the game, you'll have to collect the clothes and initially you have to start with an underwear. 

Battery Drainage During Gameplay 

Excessive drain of the batteries is expected. This is not only a graphically demanding game, but it requires the display turned on all the time, and stable internet connectivity.  If you aren't able to play plugged in, then get yourself an external battery pack or a power bank. 

PUBG Mobile Server Issue

I have encountered some occasional freezing in the game which I consider to be a server issue. But the server optimization is always going on, so not to worry about it.

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Annoying Things During PUBG

Sadly, there are some team mates who make fun of us when we get. I remember the last match I played and I was shocked to see what they did. One of my teammates killed me with a grenade just to loot my crate as I got better guns and suit as compared to him.

FAQ's Regarding PUBG

Let’s answer some commonly asked questions regarding PUBG mobile.

Is PUBG on Mobile?

Yes, PUBG is available for both Android & IOS. These are totally cost free and don’t require any kind of purchase. PUBG is marked as the most played game around the world.

Can I play PUBG Mobile for free?

Yes, you can play PUBG Mobile for free on smart phones including IOS and Android. It is compatible with Windows, Android, IOS, Xbox One and PS4.

Is PUBG Mobile better than PUBG?

It all depends on graphics. PUBG mobile is developed to run smoothly on low end graphics keeping in consideration the specifications of smartphones whereas PUBG for PC is designed to run on high end graphics. The PC version of the game is quite interesting.

How to run PUBG Faster?

To run PUBG Mobile faster it is advised to close everything else including recent apps and other things. Increase the brightness and turn the volume up for a better gaming experience.

Is PUBG game dangerous?

PUBG game contains extreme violence. As it involves the usage of weapons and drugs. The killing of the players through weapons can sometimes trigger aggressiveness and can adversely affect the mental health of players.

Is PUBG mobile an offline game?

No, PUBG mobile isn’t offline and requires an active internet connection to run smoothly and effectively.

What is the most popular game in the world 2020 Mobile?

PUBG has become the most played game throughout the world in more than 100 countries. When PUBG PC was launched, it came up with the new concept where 100 players land on an island and survive to be on top.

Does Ping Matters?

Yes, Ping really matters if you are playing multiplayer games or any other game which requires an internet connection. Ping ranging from 5 to 60 is labelled as good one where as in most of the countries the ping ranges from 100 to 200 ms.

Does tier matter in PUBG?

Yes, the tier definitely matters in PUBG as the players with the higher rank have better skins and higher RP. Here are the Tiers of PUBG.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Crown
  • Ace
  • Conqueror

The one who reaches the last tier Conqueror is called Pro as he has survived and played a lot to reach this tier.

Is PUBG mobile full of bots?

No, the game isn’t full of bots but if the game isn’t able to find 100 players to complete the match then it uses bots which have human like names and random weapons with them. The lower is your tier the higher are the chances to have bots in your lobby.

How to Get More kills in PUBG?

Some of the best tips to win PUBG matches and have more kills are:

  • Playing Solo Vs Squad matches.
  • Landing in hot places where hot drop is nearest. Try to land and survive on Pochinki, Military Base, Novorepnoye & Georgopool.
  • Don’t waste your time on looting, let your enemies gather loot for you.
  • Always try to get a Vehicle and move as faster as you can.
  • Loot Air drops.

Are there any PUBG Hacks available?

Yes, there are many PUBG Mobile as well as PUBG PC hacks available on the internet. I would never recommend to use a Hack as it will result in suspension of your account or permanent ban. It would be better if you play on your own lift up your tier and earn rewards.

PUBG is such a time consumer as it takes all your time as you proceed. I would suggest my readers to play this game for a specific time which should not exceed one hour or two. Well the PUBG corporation has also introduced a timer system which reminds you after every 2 hours that you've played enough, lets just take a break. I hope you all have now come to know what is PUBG and why is this game getting enormous amount of publicity.

Stay Tuned for more.

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